Hi there! I'm Vivian (she/her), an artist in animation presently located in Toronto, ON. I specialize in character design and visual development, however, in the past I've also storyboarded, animated and done layout work.
Most recently, I was a part of the team at Kickstart Entertainment in Vancouver, BC. In addition to designing and storyboarding for clients such as Mattel, Netflix, Spin Master, etc., I was also creating pilots, pitch decks and concept art for up-and-coming projects.
 When I'm not drawing, I love to play video games, getting caffeinated, stare at my plants and climb fake rocks at a gym.
I am currently available for any new and exciting challenges, particularly in art direction or visual development for TV and feature animation, as well as games. Available for both full-time and freelance opportunities.
For more info, please check out my linkedin (and connect with me!). For snippets of my life and more artwork that didn't quite make it to this page, go to my instagram. Feel free to email me at vivian.cheung@live.com.
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