Hey there! I'm Vivian.
I'm a UX Designer, Animation Artist and occasional Caricaturist.
If you're looking for designer who can juggle simplicity and charm while solving meaningful problems, you've come to the right place! I love to dive deep into problems, and collaborate on creating solutions that are appealing and user-friendly.
I'm also a character designer and story artist with 10 years of experience working on children's TV animation.
I'm open for freelance or commissions on all kinds of creative projects. Do you have a project that I may be a good fit for? Send me an email at hello.vcheung@gmail.com!

🌎Toronto, ON, Canada
I've worked with:
From designing cute animals to designing user experiences
My first brush with user experience design was many years ago, when I learned about Norman Doors from my favourite podcast, 99% Invisible. Little did I know, that would plant a seed and gradually blossom into a full blown obsession with improving user experiences.
My favourite thing about animation is the storytelling. Imagine my delight when I learned that product designers also love storytelling. It's certainly a different way of telling stories, and in entirely different mediums, but injecting narrative, emotional impact and captivating audiences remain a constant.​​​​​​​
I hope to bring my unique perspective as an artist and leader in animation into Product Design, along with the skills and experience I've accumulated, from seamlessly collaborating with cross-functional teams, to identifying stakeholders' needs and coming up with creative solutions.
Thanks for reading! 
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